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Neodigm Press is a Publishing House located in Austin, Texas. Our first book went to print in late July of 2011. Our next book is in the writing and editing stage. At the current time, we are not accepting unsolicited manuscripts, however, we hope to ramp up production for additional, qualified projects in the near future.


Jennifer Ellis, President

Raised in California and Washington, Jennifer was transplanted to the great state of Texas at the start of the new millennium. While receiving formal training at the University of Phoenix, Jennifer’s skill-sets, particularly those of connecting customers to suppliers, were learned through hands-on experience at a number of top semiconductor companies, including Lam Research, Applied Materials, and agileTCP.


After the downturn in the semiconductor industry, Jennifer found herself in position to map out her own path in determining what she would really enjoy as a career. With the completion of her husband’s book, Dormant Curse, the choice became clear. Becoming a publisher allowed Jennifer to spend time with her husband, family, and continue her love of connecting people, communities, businesses, and products.


Contact: jennifer.ellis@neodigmpress.com +1 (512) 608-5623


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