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John Ellis, Author

Are you safe? Imagine this—celebrity Twitter and Facebook accounts have been hacked, allowing encrypted messages to be sent to maliciously-altered chips in our smartphones and tablets. A Chinese cult leader, seeking revenge and power, is to blame. Vicious cyber attacks ensue as China and its co-conspirators grab oil and gas resources.


Just fodder for spy movies? Hardly. Dormant Curse describes how this scenario could happen, and is supported by John Ellis’ decades of experience in national security and semiconductor manufacturing.




With years of experience in semiconductor manufacturing, national security, and weapons development, John’s background gives him a unique perspective on how technology and geopolitics intertwine.


After graduating from the University of Texas with a Master’s in Engineering, John worked at Sandia National Labs, where he focused on R&D projects for the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, National Institute of Standards, and other agencies.  His expertise includes nuclear weapons testing, cruise-missile guidance (Tomahawk and Advanced Cruise Missile), air-borne and space-borne imaging systems (Predator UAV), and semiconductor manufacturing. John’s career later took him to SEMI, a global trade association for the semiconductor industry, where as VP of Technology was responsible for global semiconductor manufacturing standards.


John lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife Jennifer, 4 children, and two dogs.


A Few Reviews from Amazon

“…John Ellis’ real life experiences and global geo- and politico-economic insights lend significant credence to the book’s underlying cyber threat. With that in mind, this book for me was not only a hugely intriguing and entertaining novel but one that is timely and needed to awaken our nation’s sensitivity to the future risk of cyber terrorism…”
- Tom Baum, 25+ year veteran in the semiconductor industry

“…scenario is plausible enough in the real world. In the hands of a creative story teller, it serves as the platform for a page-turning cyberterrorism novel…and in this era of real-world China-based hackers allegedly attacking U.S. government and corporate Web sites, China’s involvement in a cyber terrorism plot takes on more plausibility…”
- David Lammers, Editor-in-Chief, Semiconductor Manufacturing and Design


“Dormant Curse is a must read for all conscientious souls. Ellis does a brilliant job capturing our attention and opening our minds to tragic possibilities that could erupt in our world of high-technology. We are able to see, feel, and hear the action that’s played out in this gripping story that has us turning page after page. While it is highly entertaining, reading Dormant Curse is an eye-opening experience.”
- Martha Iglehart, Spirit 105.9 FM, Austin, Texas


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